Green Life Sausage Meatball Seasoning brings the well-loved taste of sausage together with meatballs. The blend is specially developed for you to easily prepare sausage-tasting meatballs at home. It contains bread crumbs, salt, granulated garlic, powdered garlic, ground cumin, hot chili pepper, sweet chili pepper, yeast extract, aromatic agent (sodium bicarbonate), powdered onion, ground black pepper, sugar and flavorants.

You don’t need to worry about providing stale bread, chopping onions or planning on which spices to use for your meatballs to be perfect. Green Life has already considered all these matters for you and prepared this special blend that will enable you to reach the perfect taste you desire. All you need is simply to mix the seasoning with minced meat of a good quality. You can either cook your meatballs on the barbeque, the grill or a pan and enjoy them with your loved ones.

Taste notes:
Sausage meatball seasoning contains spices that play an important role in giving the sausage its unique taste. These are granulated and powdered garlic, ground cumin, hot and sweet chili peppers, black pepper and powdered onion. Thanks to the aromatic and gustative contributions of this spice combination, you can now easily prepare your homemade sausage meatballs of perfect taste and consistency.

In this seasoning, irreplaceable flavors of garlic and onion come together with heating effect and spicy taste of black pepper, sweet-spicy taste and fruity caramel notes of chili pepper and strong earthy aroma of cumin to make your meatballs incomparable.