Green Life brand presents consumers in the spice and herbal tea category since 2004. With our global partner Noorinvest Holding Company W.L.L, we are working hard to bring our brand and tastes to the world platform.

Green Life cooks the flavors that nature channelizes for years to add a unique taste to your meals. We produce countless varieties of spices in our state-of-the-art, world-class hygienic production facilities with the quality and assurance of Green Life. To serve you the best, we are strengthening our innovative stance with new varieties that will add flavor to those unique dishes of traditional tables. We always work for the best with our passion for nature and the experience we have gained.

Thyme, mint, red pepper flakes, basil, black cumin, cardamom, fennel, sage, linden… We are proud to bring you the endless spice flavors of Turkish cuisine in their purest form, with our professional approach and the importance that we give to R&D. As we do now, we will continue to bring the gifts of nature to your tables in their purest form, from seed to leaf, from leaf to powder.