Story of Spices / SOUR SALT

Sour salt is citric acid in the form of white crystals with an acidic sour taste. It is produced from sour and acidic citrus fruits such as lemon, lime or grapefruit. Its antioxidant value is high. It is mainly used to extend the lifespan of homemade and industrially prepared canned foods. Besides that, it has gastronomic uses as well. Sour salt is particularly used in sweet-sour meals in order to accentuate the sourness of the dish and make it more delicious.

In canning, sour salt not only preserves the food but also plays an important role in controlling the formation of bacteria. Its preservative qualities are essential in sausage making as well. It is also used in powder form in candy making to provide the loved sweet-sour taste.

Taste notes:

It has significant tartness with citrusy notes and slightly salty sour taste.


You can use sour salt for preventing discoloration while canning or cooking fruits at home.

If you prepare lemon or lime based sauces for salads or mezzes, add one or two pieces of sour salt to make the aromas of lemon and lime more accented.

When storing sour salt, treat it like other spices and keep it away from light and heat. In this way, you can preserve its aroma for a longer period.

When you use sour salt in liquid-based meals, you need to add it in the beginning so that it can easily melt and flavor the food.

Good idea:

You can easily make curd cheese at home by the help of sour salt. When you boil the milk, add a couple of pieces of sour salt in it. The milk will instantly curdle. You will then need to drain it and enjoy your homemade cheese.

When making sourdough bread, melt one or two pieces of sour salt in water and add it to the dough together with salt. This will enrich the sour, characteristic taste of your bread.