Local plant of Central Asia steppes, garlic is one of the first cultivated plants in history. It was spread into the Middle East first but mostly used for medical purposes. Egyptians consumed it for medicine. Even though its benefits for health are still known and considered important today, its gastronomic usage has more importance. It is one of the most used flavoring agents in many cuisines and geographies from Far East to America.

Garlic comes with different kinds as fresh, dry, green and granules or powder. The source of its sharp and unique smell is the active substance allicin. This substance is also the source of garlic’s taste. Garlic has to be pounded or chopped for allicin to come out. When cooked, the sharpness of garlic also decreases since allicin dies away.

To obtain granulated garlic and garlic powder, individual cloves are dehydrated after being separated and peeled. Dried after being processed and shaped as powder, granules or flakes.

Taste notes:
As garlic is dried, its aroma increases. Green garlic has a soft aroma. Raw and dried garlic has a sharper aroma. Since allicin dies away during cooking, the sharp smell of garlic dies away, too.

Because garlic granules or powder have been dehydrated, they have a softer taste and lighter aroma than fresh ones.

It works a wide range of dishes from summer vegetables to root vegetables, from lamb to fish and chicken, from sauces to salads. It pairs very well with tomato and olive oil. It blends with pasta sauces. It’s a must for meat marinades.

While preparing spice mixes, it’s easier to use granulated garlic or garlic powder. Using garlic powder is ideal in meat marinades when you will cook the meat on grill or barbecue on which garlic is easily burned.

Keep garlic granules and garlic powder in airtight glass jars away from heat and light to minimize the loss of aroma.

Good idea:

You can make your own spice mix with granulated garlic and use that mixture to add flavor to meat, chicken or fish that you will cook on grill, in frying pan or on barbecue. What you need to do is to mix 2 dessertspoon hot powdered black pepper, 1 dessertspoon flaked red pepper, 2 dessertspoon granulated garlic, 2 dessertspoon thyme, 1 dessertspoon salt, half dessertspoon cinnamon, half dessertspoon cardamom, half dessertspoon sugar and half dessertspoon powdered ginger together. Spread the mix on your meat after buttering it up and cook it. You will obtain a unique taste. Keep your mixture in an airtight glass jar ideally in fridge.

When garlic granules come together with yoghurt and some other ingredients, you obtain delicious dip sauces to serve with chips and fresh vegetables. Put half glass of yoghurt in a bowl, add half glass mayonnaise, a dessertspoon granulated garlic, a tablespoon chopped black olives, a tablespoon dried dill, a tablespoon dried mint and a teaspoon flaked red pepper and mix them all together. Serve with chips or snack vegetables such as fresh carrots, cucumber or peppers.