Story of Spices / CURRY

Curry, contrary to common belief, is not a spice obtained from a single herb, but a mixture of different spices. Even though there are various curry mixtures in Indian cuisine, yellow mixture in Western cuisine is a Western invention.
In India, there is a spice curry shaped like a leaf; and aside from that, every Indian chef has curry mixtures as their signatures. Preparing a spice mixture in India is seen as a very important work that requires knowledge and craftsmanship. Coriander, cumin, fenugreek, mustard seed, hot red pepper, black pepper and turmeric makes powder, yellow curry that we are used to and appeal to the taste buds. It’s also possible to come across some curry mixtures prepared with different spice combinations. Some versions include spices that have different aromas such as ginger, cardamom, fennel seed, cinnamon and clove.

Taste notes:
Since it includes various spices, it has an intensive spicy taste and slightly sweet and sharp aroma.

It blends very well with various tastes such as chicken, eggs, fish, French fries, roasted potatoes and pumpkin soup. You can add curry to steam or sautéed vegetables along with some butter or coconut milk or by mixing curry with cream. It works very well with legume dishes or rice.

Curry is a powder mixture that includes various spices. Keep your curry in airtight glass jars away from light and heat to minimize the loss of aroma.

Good idea:
Curry works very well with chicken. You can prepare various dishes by combining chicken and curry. One of them is chicken curry. After chopping chicken in pieces, sauté in olive oil with some garlic and chopped peppers. Sprinkle plenty of curry and pour in enough coconut oil or cream to cover the top. Mix and cook until the sauce is reduced by half of its volume. Serve with rice.

Curry is also an ideal spice to prepare wonderful sauces to season the chicken that you will grill or barbecue. Here is an easy and delicious marinade recipe: Put 1 kg chopped chicken breast or thigh in a bowl, add 2 cloves garlic, 4 teaspoon curry, 4 tablespoon yoghurt and mix them together. Transfer into a lidded bowl and rest in fridge for 24 hours. The longer the time of marinade is, the softer and tastier the chicken will become. If you don’t have a chance to prepare it 24 hours before, keep your chicken in the sauce as long as possible.

If you want to make rice that tastes different, try curry and pine nut rice. Add 1 dessertspoon curry for 1 glass of rice while browning your rice. Add plenty of roasted pine nuts right before removing your rice from the stove and mix. After letting it rest for 20 minutes, serve with meat, chicken or vegetables.