The secret of cooking tender chicken pieces with a crispy coating lies in Green Life Crispy Chicken Coating Mix. It is a special blend made by Green Life in order to enable you to cook more delicious fried chicken pieces easily at home. This special mix contains wheat flour, bread crumbs, corn flakes, salt, aromatic agent (yeast extract), modified starch, fat powder, sugar, granulated onion, powdered garlic, ground black pepper, flavorants and ground white pepper. The combination of wheat flour, bread crumbs and corn flakes ensure the formation of a spectacularly crunchy layer outside the chicken. The spices in the content make the chicken more and more delicious. You can use this mixture for frying delicious vegetables and meat as well.

Taste notes:
Green Life Crispy Chicken Coating Mix contains spices such as granulated onion, powdered garlic, ground black pepper and ground white pepper. Thanks to the aromatic and gustative contributions of this spice combination, your fried chicken will be much more delicious than ever.

In this seasoning, irreplaceable flavors of onion and garlic come together with heating effect and spicy taste of black pepper, sweet-spicy taste of white pepper to ensure that the fried chicken you prepare will be perfectly delicious.